VC-G50 Videokonferenzkamera


officebase, Lumens, VC-G50 Videokonferenzkamera
officebase, Lumens, VC-G50 Videokonferenzkameraofficebase, Lumens, VC-G50 Videokonferenzkameraofficebase, Lumens, VC-G50 Videokonferenzkamera
The Lumens™ VC-G50 HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera is equipped with a professional 1/2.8 inch image sensor with Full HD 1080p output resolution at a high dynamic image of 60 frames per second. The superior 20x optical zoom lens, excellent white balance, and exposure mode delivers a clear image even in low light or extreme contrasts of brightness and darkness in a conference room. The camera covers a wide shooting angle and utilizes the high efficiency DC motor servo-controlled to achieve both high-speed, quiet, and precise positioning, as well as smooth PTZ operations. The VC-G50 supports 3G-SDI, DVI, component, and C-Video interfaces to allow for four simultaneous image outputs with the most suitable image quality.

The VC-G50 is compatible with all video equipment. There are up to 128 preset settings and stable remote controlling for effective and efficient presentations. The VC-G50 delivers a continuous, clear, and vivid live image without any distortions and is ideally suited for lecture recording, video conferencing, and security surveillance systems.

  • Full HD 1080p supported high definition signal output format
  • High frame rate supporting 60 frames per second
  • Up to 128 user-defined preset modes to allow ease of use in all environments
  • 240 times variable zoom ratio (20x optical zoom with 12x digital zoom)
  • 3G-SDI, DVI, Components and C-Video image output synchronously
  • Maximum horizontal/vertical speed of rotation: 300° / sec
  • Wide Pan/Tilt/Zoom mechanism:
    Horizontal viewing angle: -170° to +170°
    Tilting angle up to 90°, and down to -30°
  • Fast response delivers extremely clear image without blurs, even while being operated
  • High-speed, stable, and quiet positioning ensure image quality and precision
  • Compatible with major video conferencing and lecture capture codec